3rd Baltic Sea and 17th Nordic Literacy Conference, Turku, Finland, August 14-16, 2016

The Third Baltic Sea and Seventeenth Nordic Literacy Conference takes place in Turku, Finland on August 14-16, 2016. The theme is Making Meaning: Literacy in ActionClick here for information. Click here for Word Registration Form. Click here for PDF Registration Form.



FELA was a key member of ELINET, the European Literacy Policy Network, which received EU funding from February 2014 to March 2016.   Information on FELA’s role in ELINET can be found here.  The ELINET website can be accessed here. 



European Declaration

A Task Force of ELINET members, chaired by Renate Valtin, Germany, has  developed a European Declaration of the Right to Literacy. Go to the Elinet website for full details. The declaration is available to download in different languages. Click here to read the English version.



The Twentieth European Conference on Literacy takes place in Madrid, Spain on July 3-6, 2017. The theme is Working Together to Encourage Equity through Literacy Communities: A Challenge of the 21st Century.  The European Conference takes place in parallel with a new edition of Ibero-American Forum Literacy and Learning to improve the communication node between cultures and the exchange of experiences and research knowledge. For information on both conferences, click here. For informaon specific to the European Conference, click here. The European Conference will be  jointly organised by FELA, IDEC (the International Development in Europe Committee of the International Literacy Association), and Asociación Española de Lectura et Escritura. Queries about the call for papers or conferences should be forwarded to: european.conference.madrid2017@gmail.com


Featured Research. In 2012-14 a geographically dispersed group of 24 early years teachers on the Greek island of Crete benefited from a mainly distance learning course intended to enhance their teaching of informational texts. The project was led by Dr Popi Kassotaki-Psaroudaki of the University of Crete, assisted by colleagues in her department. It was supported by a grant of €3,500 from FELA.  Over the two school years the participants’ growing confidence and competence in teaching informational texts was monitored, and compared with that of a group of 19 teachers who did not receive the programme. The participants declared the project a success in enabling them to incorporate better teaching approaches into their practice, and the distance learning methods used could serve as a model for others. Click here to read the report.